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I SAY... LETS BE U AND STOP CRYING LIKE A WEENIE we got adventure to do!!
LET'S BE THE POPO-CORN (get it? it's a pun)
also woah cool map im a fan
>channel your soul energy to look beyond the view of the current events unfolding ((icon for pumpkin fades into a place in the well tunnel)) to notice another important person/muse who has gone unnoticed until now in this tale someone who maybe able to give us hope of sorting out this mess become... the pumpking prince
wake up the sleeping guy if you can and be him
if not choose the crying guy at the bottom of the hole
Be U! we gotta find soulmate 1 and also ur friend that is a miss!
Be Popcorn, use your backup to kill the Sunion Thing once and for all.
be broken tire boyfriend.... youre TIREd and done with onion_thing er- sunion_thing?'s antics, its really wearing your tire down flat. You almost feel inclined to help that loser U kid... they were pretty nice, even if they WERE scared of you.
Beu be u be u you gotta be yourself